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𝐏𝐚𝐫𝐭𝐧𝐞𝐫 𝐀𝐧𝐧𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐜𝐞𝐦𝐞𝐧𝐭
JKD Racing are proud to announce a new 3 year partnership deal with DIGGER TACTICAL, supporting our Black Astra Sports Sedan #52.

DIGGER TACTICAL are a Professional film industry services provider of armour, on set fire arms safety, fight scene choreography and actor courses in correct handling of firm arms for film.

With an array of services, DIGGER TACTICAL have worked with;
👌 The Shannon Company (Victoria Police Recruiting TVC)
👌 Channel 7 (Sunday Night),
👌 HP Boyz (Rumours)
👌 University of Melbourne (VCA)
👌 The St Kilda Film Festival, Gravemind (Band)
👌 Oliver Productions, Hamish Brooks, Tiana Lioulios, Amanda Sobo, Nathan Thompson, Nancy Rizk (Full Disclosure Series)
👌 James Plant, Daniel Robbins, Phillip Dixon, Michael O’Malley, Alice Hutchinson, Nicholas Smith, Hayley Adams, Claudio Araya, Gabrielle Christopher, Ashleigh Watson, Pan Murujaiyan, Jordan Benjamin, Freya Hosking, Erica Soloman, Joel Smith, Mitchel Edwards, Maria Tevelis, Marc Natoli (the Proposal)
👌 Alice Hutchinson, Phillip Kilmek (The Hand)
👌 Jye Hawley, Joshua Dawe, Kelly Jackson, David Lam, Riley Sugars (Rabbits), RMIT Students, Alex Gordon (Raven)
👌 Blacklisted Productions, Priscilla Catania (Deceived)
& so many more.

Welcome DIGGER TACTICAL to JKD Racing.

New JKD Racing Workshop

The concrete slab is down for our new JKD Racing workshop being built in NE Victoria, Australia.

Our new facility will be 200m2, which looks small when the building is not complete.   We originally were going to build a 500m2 workshop, although opted for a smaller size, as we also have another 200sqm building already on site for storage. 

With fantastic views and the sounds of cars at Winton Motor Raceway, we love the new location that is only 15mins from the track.

We’re pumped and looking forward to moving in to the new building in Oct 2021.  

JKD Racing’s New Workshop

Our new workshop is underway with plans to be moving in early Oct 2021. 

Deliveries of materials started to arrive early Sept and concrete is being poured in week 3, with a fantastic view over Winton North, we can’t wait.

The team are getting excited to walking in and setting up the workbenches, hoists and race car builds.

JKD Racing’s SC4 Astra

During Victorian lockdown, we have been taking our time making modifications to the SC4.

Now with increased power, new front bar, new livery that will be revealed soon and other changes ready for racing when events can go ahead.

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